Personalized Yoga Flows

YOUR Yoga: Personalized Yoga Flows
To Fit Your YOUnique Needs!

Your Life. Your Personalized Practice.

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YOUR Timeframe

Pick a practice length that works for you, whether you have 20 minutes or 45, your practice will fit your life.

YOUR Goals

Get a practice structured to nurture the areas YOU want to focus on using the chakras as a base.


Your practice will work around injuries or focus on any aches or pains you’d like to take care of.

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Can’t Find a Yoga Flow You Love?

Why not have it made for you? You’ll get YOUR Yoga flow delivered via a video you can return to over and over again to start building YOUR own practice.

Your journey is unique to you. Why shouldn’t your yoga practice be? Watch the video to learn more and get started.

Allison created the perfect personalized yoga flow for me … she nailed it! She listened, and took into account everything I shared with her. She designed a session for me that is doable and also motivates me to push myself a little. It’s been the perfect way to close out my stressful days, recenter myself and relax.

Karen B.

Having a flow made for me was also super helpful for my ADHD – because starting a new habit or reforming a habit can be hard, but knowing that I had a flow already picked out and knowing that it was created specifically for my needs takes that decision-making stage out of getting started.

Olivia M.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have lived with various pain since then. Thanks to this personalized yoga flow, not only is my pain minimized, but I have more range of motion and better mobility. The moves provided are gentle enough to not cause me excess pain, but also provide me with the kind of stretch I need to loosen my joints.

Renee M.

YOUR Yoga Options

There is a practice and price to meet your life and budget. 

25 Minutes


Even if you don’t have a ton of time, you can still benefit from yoga. 

Includes a 15-minute phone call to answer any questions about the flow.  

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30 Minutes


This 30-minute practice is perfect for the busy person with just enough time for their practice. 

Includes a 15-minute phone call to answer any questions about the flow. 

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45 Minutes


Perfect for the dedicated practitioner who always carves out time in their day for practice.  

Includes a 15-minute phone call to answer any questions about the flow. 

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