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LIVE Warrior Writing Sesh!

Join me and a community of other creators just like you for a LIVE creativity flow & writing sesh! It's FREE to join and give your writing some much-deserved, dedicated time, focus, and inspiration...whether you currently have an active project or not!

Give your writing the time it deserves!

I get it. Life is busy and it's often our creativity and passion projects that are the first to get axed when time gets scarce. But not this time. Register now for a live yoga flow & writing sesh to give your creativity the time & love it deserves...

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

9am - 11am EST

Creative Warrior YouTube Channel

20min Creativity-Inducing Yoga Flow

3 x 25min Writing Sprints

FREE digital copy of my book, Creative Warrior!

What to Expect During this FREE Event...

We know your time is valuable and your creativity is WORTH FIGHTING FOR, so here's what you'll get during the live session:


Yoga Flow

We'll start the sesh with a light, novice-friendly yoga flow designed to unlock your creativity & prime you for optimal creativity...


3 Writing Sprints

Next, we'll do (3) 25-minute writing sprints. Work on a current project or start a new one. We'll take 5-minute breaks between sprints to rest & hang out.


LIVE Community

Connect with me - and other writers just like you - as we dedicate this time to our craft, our characters, and ourselves!

PLUS Receive a FREE Copy of my Book!

Receive a free digital copy of my book: Creative Warrior: How to Use Yoga to Unleash Creativity when you register!