Writing Prompt + Yoga = Beat Writer’s Block: Hero Dad?

Feeling creatively challenged? Plagued with a bad case of writer’s block?

We’ve all been there. Including me.

But luckily, I discovered a few things that helped get me unstuck.

Yoga & writing prompts.

Because these two tools were so helpful for me, I’ve decided to share them with you.

In these creativity sessions, you’ll get a prompt, we’ll do a yoga flow (designed to nourish your creativity) together, and then you’ll get dedicated time to take that prompt off the mat and CREATE! Use these sessions daily to set up a structured writing routine, or just when you need an extra boost of inspiration! You don’t even have to turn the video off. We’ll play music to help stay focused.

Prompts can help us write about things we would have never tried writing about. What does this prompt make you want to write?

Ready? Let’s FIGHT for our creativity!

Daily Writing Prompt

Don’t want to flow? Just grab this prompt and start writing! But if you need a little extra help getting the creative energy flowing, use the yoga flow below (don’t worry, it’s beginner-friendly!).

“It was odd to be in a room full of people who all seemed to look up to my dad like he was some kind of hero. A part of me wanted to see him through their eyes for just a moment. I tried to picture him as…”

Yoga Flow & Writing Sprint

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Allison Spooner

Allison Spooner brings worlds, characters, and stories to life in just a few words. In the last two years, she's published two books of short fiction; Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction and The Problem With Humans: And Other Stories. Allison’s writing crosses genres and has been compared to The Twilight Zone and Harlon Ellison.

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